A robot will soon interview you for a job: Takeaways at the Nairobi AI show

AI ROBOT 1024x576 - A robot will soon interview you for a job: Takeaways at the Nairobi AI show

NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 3 – Human Resource Managers are encouraged to up their human intelligent skills to remain relevant amid increased uptake of Artificial Intelligence technology.

Lead Organiser AI Kenya Alfred Ongere says the new technology is likely to be adopted in Kenya in the next two years or less and may lead to loss of jobs in HR departments.

“Once AI is out in the market, many companies will no longer need a HR. For them to actually stay relevant, then there’s need of them remaining active to ensure the AI remains relevant. So, with this, their human intelligence skill will be highly tested,” said Ongere during the global AI event World AI Show 2019 in March.

The human robot can be set in a way where one can automate the hiring process where many people can be interviewed at once.

The screening process is equally automated where an interviewee is presented with questions to answer based on the role of application.

The AI finally gives a verdict on how best the interviewer can perform and where best one can be placed.

In cases of inaccuracy, one can review and benchmark as many times as possible to ensure there’s no bias.

Ongere, however, said organizations might find it expensive to use AI compared to human resource but he adds that more developed markets are using AI to solve some of the corporate issues.

Jobs at the base of the pyramid will be automated out of existence while a few white collar and scientific jobs will be created.

The government is however optimistic that this would help the country to completely advance technologically with less dependence on human beings.

Principal Secretary ICT Jerome Ochieng said the adoption of AI is the centerpiece of the new industrial revolution, and a carrier of technological progress that is changing societies and economies, hence drawing attention from the private sector, Government, researchers and the civil society.

“AI and Machine learning can be used to enhance education systems by deep personalization of knowledge acquisition systems. Agriculture will be revolutionized by knowledge-based data-driven AI-led precision use of land, inputs and seeds. Commerce and business in every realm are impacted by the speed, accuracy and prediction capabilities inherent in these systems. We should be positive about this,” he added.

There is however a risk that AI programs designed in developed countries may not be adapted to the socio-economic and cultural realities and specificities of the African countries where they are implemented, which may cause unwelcome effects.


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