BIC to export products to 10 countries from Nairobi hub

BIC - BIC to export products to 10 countries from Nairobi hub
BIC Chief Executive Officer Gonzalve Bich. The new venture comes as BIC transferred its manufacturing in Kenya and distribution in the East African region from HACO Industries Kenya Ltd earlier this year.

NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar, 11 – BIC has set up its East African base in Nairobi that will be its domestic and regional hub serving 10 countries.

Located in Kasarani, the now independent firm will produce BIC ballpoints pen, adding BIC shavers expanding its brand presence in the East African region.

BIC will retail and export BIC ballpoints pen, BIC shavers expanding its brand presence in Kenya, Burundi, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda.

Chief Executive Officer of the French multinational, Gonzalve Bich said, Bic has committed to growing its current business by providing high-quality affordable products.

“With a population of 300 Million inhabitants, 45 per cent of whom are under 14 years of age, East Africa is a key market for our stationery business,” he said ”

Currently, the company plans to increase hire more skilled and experienced workers in the industry creating more employment opportunities for Kenyans.

Some of their employers have been absorbed from Dr. Chris Kirubi’s, Haco industries, which was the regional manufacturer of Bic products for 30 years until 2018.

“We have brought many employees from the Haco into the business and we are still recruiting more people for skills that were not available in the Hacco team,” said General Manager South and East Africa BIC Brett Griffiths.

The subsidiary equally plans to reduce its carbon footprint and increase sustainable development by adopting new technology, smart solutions and environmental management systems such as recycling to attain sustainability by 2025.

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