Clovers and Mother Nature’s peanut butter exceeds aflatoxin levels: KEBS

PEANUT BUTTER - Clovers and Mother Nature’s peanut butter exceeds aflatoxin levels: KEBS

NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 4 – Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has withdrawn the permits of Triclover and Mother nature’s after their peanut butter products were found to exceeded aflatoxin levels. 

In a statement, KEBS said factory inspections undertaken in 2018 revealed that Clovers Peanut Butter and Mother nature’s had aflatoxin levels above the acceptable levels of 15 parts per billion.

“In the last 7 months, KEBS has been undertaking market surveillance of peanut butter. 54 samples of peanut butter have been collected from various points of sale and manufacturers from 1st July, 2018 to date and tested,” said KEBS Acting Managing Director Nguyo Bernard.

The Standards body also confirmed that Nuteez peanut butter manufactured by Jetlak Foods Ltd. had aflatoxin levels above the maximum allowed standard.

“KEBS has undertaken inspection of the factory and as a cautionary measure, seized all the peanut butter at the factory. Tests undertaken on the samples have confirmed that the level of aflatoxin is 25 parts per billion (ppb), which is higher than the maximum limit allowed by the standard,’’ said Nguyo.

KEBS said it has consequently suspended the permit of Jetlak Foods that allows it to use the standardization mark for its Nuteez brand and the firm directed to recall all the products in the market.

The standardization mark permit had been issued in October last year following tests of the samples the company provided by Jetlak Foods Ltd.

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