Credit Bank feted at Think Business Banking Awards 2019

banking awards pic - Credit Bank feted at Think Business Banking Awards 2019
Credit Bank also grabbed the 2nd Runners Up in the Best Bank in SME Banking category/Courtesy

NAIROBI, Kenya, May 22 – Credit Bank, a privately owned financial institution, scooped best leading bank in its category during Think Business Banking Awards 2019 among other awards.

Credit Bank, was awarded as the Best Bank in Tier III affirmed that no matter what your size is, excellence
can be part of you.

“The Inspiration comes from the driving force and that is our customers they are at the core of our very existence. Our financial solutions are built around problems many businesses face in the market. Further, these solutions are targeted at transforming the society in which we all operate in. Those that benefit from using our services go on to benefit others as well.”the financial Institution said in a statement.

Credit Bank also grabbed the 2nd Runners Up in the Best Bank in SME Banking category.

Head of Business Banking and Marketing,Pamela Mutembei said, “SME banking is our forte and we continue to provide solutions and platforms for the SME sector. Innovative solutions through research will continue to be at the core of our business as we serve this sector. One of the platforms SMEs can take advantage of is the Entrepreneurs’ Hub.”

“Here, your business grabs the opportunity to learn from industry leading experts, engage with other businesses to understand their challenges while finding opportunities and consequently grow,” she added.

The 2019 edition of the Think Business Awards also acknowledged Credit Bank as the 2nd Runners Up in Sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility.

Credit Bank is seen to be committed to impacting positively into the socio-economic spheres in which the bank operates in. “The bank has made CSR an integral part of its core values and further its mission. It is not just about providing financial solutions but further impacting the society in which we operate in,” said Mutembei.

“Organizations need to become more conscious of the impact they have in a broader sense. The traditional “giving back’ in which it is simply a donation doesn’t fit the definition of being socially accountable to stakeholders. The lines are becoming blurred and CSR is not just an activity at the end of the year, rather part of everyday operations,” read the statement.

“Our recent accolade from Think Business awards fuel to the fire. It is an encouragement to us to go on working hard, be persistent and determined to take the Bank to the next level and to our customers, this reaffirms our commitment to being the best in every aspect of our service delivery to you,” concluded Mutembei.

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