KEBS to probe Always pads substandard claims

ALWAYS - KEBS to probe Always pads substandard claims

NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 14 – The Kenya Bureau of Standard said on Thursday that it has launched investigations into the claims that Always sanitary pads were substandard.

This is after users took to social media to complain of rashes and discomfort, comments that Always Kenya did not immediately respond to.

Kenyans on Twitter drew comparisons with the quality of the Kenyan pads with those made for European and American women, a claim the local Always office rejected.

“The always pads we have in Kenya are similar to the Always pads in other parts of the world including Germany, US, South Africa. All our pads including the ones in Kenya are designed and developed in Europe and US,” said Always Kenya.

KEBS said its routine checks of 135 samples of different sanitary pads in the market and found a majority to have complied with its standards including Always brands.

“90 percent of all samples complied with the standard however we are launching investigations where the outcome of analysis will determine the next cause of action included market withdrawal of any substandard products,” said KEBS.

Women in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda have had similar complaints.

“We have similar experiences in Tanzania. My friends from a young age would complain of the chaffing, allergies, infections, sales on expired products and differences with other markets. When new competitors came along they shifted quickly. We don’t even have a local office,” @LisAshuraBaraba posted on twitter.

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