Keroche says its continued innovation benefitting farmers and creating jobs

TABITHA KARANJA - Keroche says its continued innovation benefitting farmers and creating jobs
Keroche MD Tabitha Karanja (left) with other guests during the launch. Photo/COURTESY.

NAIVASHA, Kenya Jul 30 – Keroche, the Naivasha-based brewery, says it is committed to supporting local farmers and creating more jobs to boost the economy.

Keroche CEO Tabitha Karanja says the brewery’s continued innovation has served to uplift the lives of many, while guaranteeing more taxes to the government.

“We promised to launch more products and finally we have come up with a unique beer that is using 70 per cent locally grown cereal and 30 per cent malted barley,” she said, at the weekend during the launch of its new beer brand into the market.

The beer, KB lager that was launched at the weekend has 70 per cent Sorghum and Barley, which the management says is sourced locally.

The brand is the third for the company which produces Summit lager and Summit malt.
Tabitha said the introduction of the new beer will boost its market share, with protected tax from the company expected to hit Sh2 billion.

“We are focused on supporting local farmers with its continuous innovation,” she said, “We will support all cereal farmers in the country to continue growing cereals that meet international standards and suitable for beer brewing.”

She described the new brand as ‘specially crafted’ using the state of the art technology and traditional process that guarantees customer satisfaction.

“This beer is naturally brewed, has no hang overs, zero sugar and has been brewed using the best standards in the country,” she said, adding that the introduction of the beer would see 400 jobs directly created and thousands of others indirectly through the elaborate distribution network.

During the function, Karanja called on the government to support local farmers to achieve the innovation necessary to the economy through agribusiness.

Currently, Keroche Breweries has the capacity to produce 600,000 beer bottles per day and also produces various spirits.

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