MCSK can now collect music royalties after two-year freeze

MCSK LOGO - MCSK can now collect music royalties after two-year freeze

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 21 –  The Kenya Copyright Board (KECOBO) has issued licenses to three content management organizations to collect royalties on behalf of musicians in 2019.

The three include Kenya Association of Music Producers (KAMP), Performers Rights Society of Kenya (PRISK) and Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK).

KAMP and PRISK retained their licenses while MCSK made a comeback in 2019 after being in the cold for two years.

KECOBO Executive Director Edward Sigei says the three CMOS met stringent conditions set by the regulator and will be required to issue a joint invoice and collect jointly as well as issuing joint licenses.

“All the three CMOs will be required to distribute at least 70 percent of the revenues they collect as royalties to their members. They are also required to submit their 2019 budget before the award of license to control wastage,” he added.

KECOBO Management will also analyze the CMOs Memorandum and Articles of Association to find areas of wastage and non-compliance and advice accordingly.

At the same time, Sigei announced David Muriithi AKA DJ D-LITE as the Chair the Music Copyright Society of Kenya Board.

Sigei said Muriithi will oversee corporate and management reform and also spearhead a forensic audit covering a period of two years in the next six months.

To secure a license MCSK was required to hold elections and restructure its management and also agree to a forensic audit of its financial records for the last two years, and accept an independent board chairperson to oversee turnaround.

It was also required to obtain new letters of Authorization of its members and provide further details to its members.

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