Outer-Ring,Thika Highway junction close for next 3 months

OuterRing 2 - Outer-Ring,Thika Highway junction close for next 3 months
Outer-Ring Road/Courtesy of Youtube

NAIROBI, Kenya, Apr 23 – Motorists along the Thika Super Highway and Outer-Ring Road are set to experience a slow down in traffic as a result of the construction of a flyover along the junction where Outer-Ring Road meets the highway.

The Kenya Urban Roads Authority issued a notice that from Monday 23, April the junction that links Outer Ring Road to the Highway for the next three months to July 22, 2019.

Both business and individual motorists have now been advised to seek alternative routes.

For the duration of the construction the Thika Road bound traffic from Outer -Ring Road will connect from the right-hand side service road of the Highway and then turn to the right onto the underpass at Survey of Kenya while airport-bound traffic from the Central Business District will connect to Outer-Ring Road using the Garden City overpass.

The traffic coming from Outer-Ring Road heading back will now have to drive all the way to Survey of Kenya using the underpass. The motorists will then turn right and head towards the Garden City Over pass, turn right and then drive back to connect to Outer-Ring Road again.

The new flyover is expected to improve traffic flow in the area and ease movement into and out the city’s populous Eastlands suburbs where the high population to lead to perennial traffic snarl-ups at the junction near the GSU headquarters.

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