Study reveals what young Kenyan employees want: money, security and feedback

BRIGHTERMONDAY REPORT - Study reveals what young Kenyan employees want: money, security and feedback
Ronald Osumba Ronald Osumba Chairperson of the Youth Enterprise Development Fund receives a copy of the White paper Report dubbed, millennials and the Digital place from Emmanuel Mutuma- Chief Executive Officer BrighterMonday Kenya

NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 12 – A study on Kenya’s working millennials has revealed young employees are attracted to workplaces that offer a flexible and open working environment.

The study – Millennials and the Digital place – commissioned by jobs portal BrighterMonday surveyed over 8,000 Kenyan millennials showed that millennial employees may not necessary be enticed by job benefits such health insurance but are keen on pay rise prospects.

BrighterMonday Chief Executive Officer Emmanuel Mutuma said the study will guide employers who have found it difficult keeping millennials productive in the workplace.

“Millennials are fast becoming the teeming populace of the workforce not only in Kenya but across the world, and most employers are grappling with the challenge of ensuring their millennial workforce is productive,” said Mutuma.

The white paper explored five factors that are necessary to ensure optimum productivity amongst millennials, detailing the importance of each and illustrating how employers can implement them.

The five focus areas are; Work Culture, Sense of Pride, Diversity & Inclusion, Training & Development Opportunities and Tools.

Notably, the study revealed millennials also take pride in a company’s mission and values rather than just taking a job for the sake of it.

They also appreciate organisations where they are allowed to be innovative.

But unlike millennials in more developed countries, Kenyan millennials actually prefer to work in the office especially when they have strict deadlines to working remotely owing to issues like the cost of the internet or appropriate equipment.

The white paper also includes a case study BrighterMonday conducted on a pan-African technology company Andela.

The Andela brand has a workforce that comprises of at least 70pc millennials and embodies several factors that have been identified as crucial to ensuring productivity among millennials; key management staff were interviewed (Senior Director of People, Operations Director and People Operations Manager) as well as numerous millennial employees from the organisation.

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