Israeli Wine & Sushi Tasting

Seven courses of sushi and eight Israeli wine pairings. Ranging from your favorite Gamla White Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz (just to name a few); the ultimate brunch plan is just too delicious to miss out on.

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Noem Orr and his families charming and exhilarating pizazz complement to the entire unique environment, reminding us why Baraka has been a family owned success for the past 3 years. As we sip on an array of wines complimented by a symphony of nods perfectly balanced with the sushi presented, all there is left to say is “la Hiam”. It’s clear to see why every table is sold out, even curious late comers fill the doorway to catch a glimpse of the Sushi and a whiff of the Chardonnay.

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Each glass holds a different story, much like the people and atmosphere in the room. Some with a religious undertone to them, some young, sweet and matured.


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“Wine is holy” – Noem Orr

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The dark intimate setting plays on this feeling of exclusivity. While learning wine etiquette, a wave of pride pours into the glass then into your mouth exciting you because you know at your next wine gathering you’ll be sure to impress your guests. It really is great way to spend the afternoon with friends. With an eclectic age range of people the conversations, networking and laughter carry through course by course. The pretentious stigma associated with wine is put to the side thanks to the excitement to learn and experience this never done before pairing. A real love for wine is felt across the room.

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“Whatever makes you happy, pair wine with it” – Noem Orr

What about the unique pairing? “Pair the fish the right way according to the heaviness of the wine” – when it comes to picking the right wine to raw fish ratio… the heavier the fish the lighter the wine”. The unique pairing of Japanese sushi and Israeli wine has never been done before, certainly not in Kenya but with two sold out days it’s soon going to be a necessity. Want a little taste of the experience then find Baraka at all the top hotels, night clubs and wine shops. Keep things exclusive with private deliveries by visiting

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“La Hiam” & “Dōmo arigatō gozaimas”



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