The $6.7M easter egg.

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Could you imaging getting your hands on the world’s most expensive easter gift? The price tag for the most expensive handbag has just come in at a whooping $6.7 million. That’s million with a capital ‘M’ darling. If you have a cool 683,905,400 Kenya Shillings laying around then you too can have Debbie Winghams ‘most unique piece yet.’


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Daily Mail


The opulent item is the creation of British designer Debbie Wingham, 37, who is famed for creating a series of ‘world’s most expensive’ items for billionaires in Dubai and beyond. From cakes to cloths, Debbie has created a legacy that cannot be matched. Now with the invention of this handbag, she truly has outdone herself.


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Debbie Wingham
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What will the $6.7M get you? The bag is embellished with almost 8,000 glittering diamonds set in platinum and 24 carat gold and it is fastened using a pair of $40,000 (Kshs 4,040,800) Cartier earrings. She has (yes I’ve made the bag a she) the most valuable gems on the exterior which are three extremely rare three carat flawless pink diamonds, worth $1.9 million (Kshs 191,938,000) and two flawless white diamonds valued at $265,000 (Kshs 27,073,360).The egg is encased with an asymmetrical nest of 24k gold, valued at $250,000 and the interior is lined with a silk Hermès scarf and a real emu egg. That’s some money honey!


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Daily Mail

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