8 top Ghanaian pastors and their suspected political parties

Being a pastor in Ghana does not merely come with that the grave meaningful responsibility but also that spark of popularity.

With almost 80 percent of the whole population being Christian believers, the necessity for evangelists and preachers of the Gospel keep rising by the day – a development which has even seen us compile a full set of the major chapels in Ghana today.
Although considering the politically stimulated temperature of the Ghanaian society, there is no denying the fact that preachers of the Gospel in Ghana have, in one time or perhaps the other been convulsed to include some political twist for their sermons or even public utterances.

Well, who are we to judge such activities? Even Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity, acquired 50 % of his life story mainly focused on the political struggles between himself and the Roman Empire not negelecting the Sadducees and Pharisees!

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