Four MCAs suspended from Nairobi County Assembly over gross misconduct

MAFIRIFIRI CROWD - Four MCAs suspended from Nairobi County Assembly over gross misconduct
The four include Mary Njambi famously known as ‘Mafirifiri’/FILE

NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 21 – Four Nairobi Members of County Assembly among them Mary Njambi famously known as ‘Mafirifiri’ have been suspended from the Nairobi County Assembly over gross misconduct following an incident last year.

The suspensions for between 10 and 21 days are as a result of a report that was tabled on Wednesday indicating that the four MCAs acted dishonourably and in violation of the applicable Standing Orders.

The ward representatives were summoned before the disciplinary committee, which observed that when Speaker Beatrice Elachi was being evicted, MCAs Njambi, Laura Mwende, Nancy Muthami and Mary Ariviza acted in a disorderly manner that was not supposed to be portrayed by a County Assembly Member.

“The Committee recommends that the members be suspended from the Assembly for the said days for conducting themselves in a manner intended and is likely to reflect adversely on the dignity or integrity of the County Assembly, contrary to the County Assemblies Powers and Privileges act 2017,” stated the report.

Nominated MCA Ariviza has been suspended for 21 days while nominated MCAs Njambi, Mwende and Muthami have each been suspended for 10 days each.

As the Elachi saga was ongoing, Ariviza dramatically rolled on the Floor of the House forcing the Sergeant at Arms to drag her out after learning that her name was fronted by Minority Whip Peter Imwatok to be the Acting County Speaker.

Ariviza then started shouting that she is an Elachi supporter and that she was not consulted before her name was suggested.

She was repeatedly asked to walk out of the chambers but disobeyed the then presiding Chair.

The other three MCAs, according to the report shouted and hurled insults, generally conducting themselves disorderly prompting the Powers and Privileges Committee to summon them.

During the suspension period, the affected MCAs will not enjoy access and allowances payable.

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