JamboPay finally terminates e-revenue collection services to Nairobi

CITY HALL EXTERIOR - JamboPay finally terminates e-revenue collection services to Nairobi

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 8- Automated digital revenue collection firm JamboPay has finally terminated their services to Nairobi County following the lapse of grace period they had given them to have their own system.

JamboPay CEO Danson Muchemi on Saturday said that they had given City Hall time to migrate to their own system.

“We have come to the end of our contract with Nairobi County Government. Consequently we have stopped our e-revenue collection services for Nairobi,” he said.

The contract between the two parties officially expired in April 7 this year, but the County extended JamboPay’s contract to ensure smooth transition as they put in place County’s own revenue collection system.

JamboPay has been providing revenue collection services to Nairobi County Government since 2014.

The firm was responsible for collection of revenue in more than 134 revenue streams which were automated hence boosting revenue collection.

There have been fears that the County could lose millions of money if the JamboPay contract ends before County has its own functioning revenue collection system.

The County set aside a budget of Sh 205 million to set up the system, but it’s not clear whether City Hall has the system in place.

In case they don’t have the system in place at the moment, it would mean that the County will be forced to revert to manual collection system, which has in the past been termed as inefficient and blamed for loss of huge monies due to loopholes associated to it.

City residents seeking payment for services such as parking, payment of licenses, single business permits, rates, food handling certificate among others may be forced to walk to City Hall’s cash office.

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