NEMA to release status report on Nairobi River clean up Monday

Nairobi river - NEMA to release status report on Nairobi River clean up Monday
Nairobi River, along the expansive Korogocho slum/FILE – CFM

NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 17 – The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) will Monday release a report detailing progress made in the ongoing cleanup of the Nairobi River. 

Speaking to Capital FM News on Saturday, the Authority’s Principal Cooperate Communication Officer Judith Ochieno pointed out that the organization will provide an in-depth analysis of the program which has been undertaken jointly with the support of Nairobi City County.

“Since the cleanup of the river started there have been numerous revelations and what we want to do is present this to the general public on Monday, August 19,” she said.

“The update will involve the clear out fro, Nairobi river extending to the Indian Ocean,” she added.

The plan to update Kenyans comes after a revelation that water from the river contained numerous pathogenic bacteria poisonous to humans.

Water and Sanitation Cabinet Secretary Simon Chelugui recently warned that tens of industries risked being shut down, saying some 4,404 pollutants had been discovered in the river.

Over a dozen of dead bodies have also been recovered in clean up exercises organized by City Hall.

Recently, the body of an eight-year-old boy was retrieved from the river during a clean-up exercise, bringing the total number of bodies recovered to 14, since the exercise began.

The latest discovery came even as Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko called for a probe by the police to establish circumstances under which bodies recovered from the river were dumped.

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