USAID provides Sh600mn to treat urgent malnutrition

6b67cab062b86b0bcbb24cbd49f7b83f14d8840e - USAID provides Sh600mn to treat urgent malnutrition
In Kenya’s Kibish region, squeezed between Ethiopia and South Sudan, over half of children aged six months to five years are suffering from acute malnutrition

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 10 – The US Government, through USAID, is providing Sh600 million to treat about 50,000 malnourished children under five years of age in the coming months.

UNICEF and the World Food Program (WFP) each received Sh300 million to procure and distribute specialized products made in Kenya for the treatment of acute malnutrition in children.

With a second consecutive season of below-average rainfall, Kenya is facing a deteriorating drought situation and reduced food access for households in 21 of the 23 arid and semi-arid lands (ASALs) counties.

Approximately 1.6 million people in Kenya are in urgent need of food assistance in June 2019, according to the National Drought Management Authority and the Kenya Food Security Steering Group.

This is a 128 per cent increase from the food-insecure population in mid-2018.

In response to deteriorating conditions, USAID partners are also working to provide affected populations with food, cash support, water, sanitation, hygiene services, and livestock assistance to help protect livelihoods.

Beyond food and nutrition assistance, USAID and its partners also work to meet other emergency needs when disaster strikes in Kenya, including emergency health services, safe drinking water, hygiene kits, and other relief items to help people facing manmade or natural disasters.

USAID continues to work with the Government of Kenya and humanitarian partners to ensure a sustained commitment to early action and preparedness interventions to mitigate the effects of drought.

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