Vetting of 5 new Nairobi County CECs to start second week of March

ALFRED KETER SONIA BIRDI DO - Vetting of 5 new Nairobi County CECs to start second week of March
Former nominated MP Sonia Birdi is the CEC nominee for Environment/FILE

NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 25 – The vetting of five Nairobi County Executive Committee nominees is set to start early next month by various Assembly Committees.

Lucia Mulwa has been appointed to take over the Education docket from Janet Ouko who resigned early this year, Stella Bosire (Health Services), Winfred Gathangu (Finance), Pauline Waititu (Public Service) and former nominated MP Sonia Birdi (Environment).

The new appointments were made following the sacking of Health CEC Hitan Majevda, Devolution CEC Veska Kangongo and Finance CEC Danvas Makori.

The contract for Information Communication Technology CEC Emmah Muthoni was not renewed.

Nairobi County Assembly Clerk Jacob Ngwele has directed the nominees to have all the necessary documents before March 5.

Members of the public have been invited to attend the committee sittings for approval hearing on March 11 when all the CECs will be vetted.

Last week, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko urged the MCAs to hasten the vetting process so that his nominees can start working.

At the same time, the Assembly leadership has vowed to take action against CECs who don’t honour Committee summons making the workings of MCAs difficult.

Majority leader Abdi Guyo said they will not tolerate defiant members this year, saying tough disciplinary measures including impeachment will be taken against such members.

The MCAs have complained how last year some of the executive members ignored their summons, accusing them of running away from oversight.

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