Fernandes returns ahead of KCB Autocross 8 

WYNE - Fernandes returns ahead of KCB Autocross 8 
Wayne Fernadez tackles a muddy section in his Yamaha Raptor 700 quad

NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 21 – Quad rider Wayne Fernandes is set to make resurgence for round 8 of the KCB Kenya National Rally Championship slated for Batian View Nanyuki on Sunday.

Fernandes, who sensationally steered Daren Miranda to 2WD Class victory during last weekend’s KCB Kilifi Rally, returns to the demanding circuit in his Yamaha Raptor 700 quad.

He took a month’s break following an unprecedented mishap in Nakuru in July and having dusted himself off, he is obviously looking forward to Nanyuki with great zeal and expectation to boot.

The Team Decko Racing & Safaricom Home Fibre driver has savored a great season so far with six wins under his belt.

“I sat out of the seventh round due to my roll on the RVM&SC race where I injured my back and knee and needed to fully recuperate before tackling Kilifi Rally and the Hill Climb.  As for now, I’m feeling a lot better and I’m more than eager and fired-up to get back on the quad in Nanyuki,” said Fernandes.

The Nanyuki Rally Group (NRG) organized round will see drivers renew rivalries in various race categories.

Bambino Champion Yuvraj Rajput will be back on his ‘Magi Bug’, this time with a newly tweaked handbrake to help him get round the corners quicker. Yuvraj will face stiff opposition from Illyun Mughal of Izmir Racing and his teammate Tsevi Soni.

Open Class Champion Kirit Rajput will be piloting a Subaru GC8 and will be angling at scoring valuable points towards the championship.

Leader Shalien Mughal will be fighting with home driver Kunal Patel for Two Wheel Drive Turbo supremacy.  A mere three points separate Shalien and Kunal and it will be interesting to see what’s up their sleeves in Nanyuki.

“As has been the norm, our team members strive to drive to their limits as we look forward to pushing our opponents to the max for the run of top spots. We haven’t managed to do much on the vehicles as time was short. Nevertheless, all buggies have been checked and are ready to race,” said Shalien. Also back in the groove after skipping the SUC round is Shaz Esmail aka Coach (Attacker 1 Buggy) and home driver Ken Nteere (Subaru N10).

FENANDES - Fernandes returns ahead of KCB Autocross 8 
Wayne Fernandez tackles a muddy session in his Yamaha Raptor 700 quad during a past race.

Nteere has also made a comeback and is spoiling for a fight with Champion Sahib Omar. Omar will be behind the wheels of a Subaru GC8 which set the fastest overall time of the seventh round at Jamhuri.

Nteere will be testing his car ahead of KCB Nanyuki Rally which will revolve around Loldaiga Hills, Ndovu and Batian View on the weekend of August 30-31.

“Since we didn’t participate in Autocross 7, it’s now a grand opportunity to test for our home rally. We have made adjustments to our shocks and will also be testing our new clutch system,” explained Nteere.

Leader Zameer Verjee of A To Z Racing will be up against Izmir’s Sahir “Sarry” Mughal in the tussle for Two Drive Non Turbo points.

Notable absentee in 2WD NT is Rajveer Thethy who is skipping Nanyuki due to pressing academic commitments.


  1. Shalien Mughal- 2WD TURBO
  2. Sahir Mughal- NON TURBO
  3. Imran Hakada- 2WD TURBO
  4. Shaz Esmail – 2WD TURBO
  5. Illiyun Mughal- BAMBINO.
  6. Kirit Rajput-OPEN
  7. Kunal Patel-2WD TURBO
  8. Savraj Bhui-OPEN CLASS
  9. Sahib Omar – 4WD TURBO
  10. Wayne Fernandez-QUAD
  11. Tsorav Soni- PEE WEE
  12. Yuvraj Rajput- BAMBINO
  13. Ken Nteere-4WD TURBO
  14. Zameer Verjee-2WD NON TURBO
  15. Nazir Verjee- 2WD TURBO



1 Zameer Verjee   146

2 Sahir Mughal   122

3 Sameer Nanji   61

4 Rajveer Thethy   59

5 Safina Khah   40

6 Albert Kigen   30

7 Noor Rahman   28

8 Junaid Shah   14

9 Hamza Anwar   13

10 Henry Nyoike   0


1 Shalien Mughal   130

2 Kunal Patel   127

3 Shaz Ismail   90

4 Imran Hakada   84

5 Nazir Verjee   58

6 Laban cliff Onserio   13

7 Lovejyot Singh 0


1 Sahib Omar 105

2 Michael Maina 61

3 Ken Nteere 54

4 Rehan shah 54

5 John Ng’ang’a 26

6 Jackson Wandeto 25

7 George Njoroge 25

8 Jasminder Bharij 17

9 Eric Bengi 17

10 Peter Mutuma 17

11 Aakif Virani 15

12 McRae Kimathi 14

13 Eugene Kariuki 12

14 John Ngugi 9

15 Andrew Muchemi 7


1 Imran Hakada 147

2 Kirit Rajput 102

3 Shelien Mughal 51

4 Hamza Anwar 15

5 Savraj Bhui 15

6 Jackson Wandeto 14


1 Wayne Fernandes 120


1 Yuvraj Rajput 132

2 Illuyun Mughal 114

3 Tsevi Soni DNF 100


1 Tsorav Soni 144

2 Kiana Rajput 34

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