Wanyama, Olaba jailed for 15 years

Olaba Wanyama - Wanyama, Olaba jailed for 15 years
Kenya Harlequins players Alex Olaba and Frank Wanyama when they appeared before a Nairobi Court to plea to rape charges on April 23, 2018. PHOTO/Courtesy

NAIROBI, Kenya, Aug 16 – A Nairobi court has handed ruby players Frank Wanyama and Alex Olaba a 15-year jail sentence for gang raping a woman in Nairobi. 

Olaba and Wanyama were on Friday convicted after being found guilty in a ruling delivered by magistrate Martha Mutuku.

The court has jailed the two after declining to grant them a non custodial sentence to serve as “restorative Justice” on grounds they are young and breadwinners in their respective families.

Magistrate Mutuku has found the minimum sentence of 15 year’s appropriate for the convicts who gave since denied raping a fan at higrise estate Nairobi in her apartment on her birthday last February.

“I hereby find as follows after considering the mitigation. That a custodial sentence appropriate in this case, ” Magistrate Mutuku declared.

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